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Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine

The Magic Bracelet – A Mito Movie

“Love life, Be Positive”

The Magic Bracelet, a movie created by the Make A Film Foundation, features a story of a girl with mitochondrial disease.  The story behind Rina’s involvement with the production is touching, but her spirit told through the story is humbling.  To be positive and to look past all the bad and always see the good is a message that needs to be spread.  Rina’s message is her legacy, make sure you check this film out!

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Rina’s inspired message to “Love Life”

Rina Goldberg

Rina learned the hardships of life through first-hand experiences at a very young age. Through the endless support of loved ones and friends, she also learned the value of unconditional love. When the day came that Rina understood what it meant to have mitochondrial disease, she had an important message to share. What she learned and taught the world was truly important in living and loving life, always pushing her illness to the side and seeing the good in each day, Rina loved life. Her heart and spirit beamed a light like no other that shines on in her memory.  —

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The Make A Film Foundation

Make A Film Foundation grants film whishes to children with serious and life-threatening medical conditions, helping them to create short film legacies by teaming with noted actors, directors and writers.  We believe the art of flimmaking is not only healing and therapeutic, but also offers hope and builds self-esteem.

— Make a Film Foundation

Make A Film Foundation took a story by Rina Goldberg, a 15 year old girl who lost her valiant battle with mitochondrial disease on December 29, 2010, and turned it into a movie.

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