Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine


Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine

The Belnap Family Fund for Mitochondrial Disease Research

Join the Belnap Family in their fight against Mitochondrial Disease!

Belnaps-at-St.-Simons-Island-3-14In 2008, Seth, the youngest Belnap developed unusal neurological symptoms, which after many hospital and doctor visits later, was diagnosed with Leigh’s Syndrome, a form of mitochondrial disease.

Shortly after Seth was diagnosed, the oldest daughter was also confirmed to have mitochondrial disease.  Then, in the spring of 2012, Spencer, the oldest Belnap son was also diagnosed with mitochondrial disease.

Spencer had participated in many events and was very proud to do so for his siblings that couldn’t.  Spencer’s diagnosis meant that he wouldn’t be able to participate either. In Spring 2014, Spencer received news from his doctor that he can now participate in sports.  He will be joining Team Belnap and running for those who can’t.

The Belnap parents have pledged to their children that they will do whatever it takes to help find better treatments and eventually a cure.

Proceeds from the Belnap Family Fund for Mitochondrial Disease Research will be used to fund the most promising treatments for mitochondrial diseases and rare diseases.

Click here to donate online directly to the Belnap Family Fund.

Donations by check can be mailed to:
1266 W. Paces Ferry Road, Suite 301
Atlanta, GA 30327

with an indication on the check on the memo line for Belnap Family Fund.

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