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Mitochondrial Myopathy Clinical Trial teleconference

12/6/2016 teleconference discussion of data from Stealth BioTherapeutics’ Mitochondrial Myopathy clinical trial.

Stealth_72dpiThis summer, Stealth BioTherapeutics (Stealth BT) shared preliminary positive data from the MMPOWER study. The study purpose was to evaluate safety and efficacy of elamipretide (previously known as Bendavia) in adults with primary mitochondrial myopathy and genetically confirmed mitochondrial disease.

Mitochondrial myopathy is primarily characterized by muscle weakness, fatigue, and exercise intolerance. Patients with genetically confirmed mitochondrial disorders may also experience multi-system organ involvement and myriad complications related to the body’s inability to adequately generate energy (ATP) at the cellular level. The MMPOWER trial measured changes in the participant’s ability to complete a Six-Minute Walk Rest, a performance-based measure of functional exercise capacity.

This collaborative presentation is hosted by MitoAction, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine, with Stealth BT to learn more about the results from the MMPOWER trial, and information about the planned Phase 3 clinical trial. This special presentation educates and informs patients, parents, caregivers, family members, and others involved in the daily lives of adults and children with mitochondrial disease.

Teleconference led by Stealth BT’s CEO, Reenie McCarthy. “As a leader in mitochondrial medicine, we are committed to developing innovative therapies for rare mitochondrial diseases, as well as for common diseases of aging in which impaired mitochondrial function is a final common pathway,” she says.

Teleconference/webinar offered in collaboration by UMDF, MitoAction.

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