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Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 9/17


September 17-23 is Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. Mitochondria are in every cell of our body, except red blood cells, and are tiny cellular powerhouses, essential for energy creation in organ systems, like brain, heart and muscles. Approximately 1 in 2,500 adults, teens and children are affected, making mitochondrial disease more common than childhood cancers. Mitochondrial dysfunction is proven to be at the root of many common diseases and conditions that affect young and old, from Autism to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, some cancers, and it may even be responsible for aging itself. With mitochondrial dysfunction contributin

g to so many disparate diseases, collaboration across specialties, among clinicians, researchers and pharmaceutical companies is vital. Non-profit organizations, such as ours, are forming partnerships to maximize our work. To learn more about mitochondrial disease, and how you can help progress research and treatment, please visit:

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Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

September 18 – 24 is Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week (GMDAW)

Organizations around the world dedicated to finding a cure and helping families affected by mitochondrial disease unite this week in an effort to build awareness of the disease and the need for further research.

Today, the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine launches the awareness week with simple daily activities that each of you can do to help us spread awareness about the disease. If everyone does just a few of these, you will help us raise critical understanding about mitochondrial function and disease.

The Foundation will cap the week with its annual Hope Flies Catch the Cure fundraiser on Friday, September 23 at the Stave Room at American Spirit Works. A fun night of cocktails, dinner, dancing and auctions, Hope Flies Catch the Cure helps raise funds to continue the Foundation’s mission to fund a cure, fuel connections and lead the way in mitochondrial disease research.

Change your social media profile pictures to FMM’s GMDAW logo today and keep it up all week. Post why you’re helping build awareness this week.

Make this your profile picture to raise awareness for mitochondrial disease!

Make this your profile picture to raise awareness for mitochondrial disease!

The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine will denote each day of the week with an awareness activity for all of our supporters to participate in and help spread awareness of mitochondrial disease. Here’s a quick list of the things you can do to help this week:

  • Change your Facebook Profile Picture to an FMM graphic
  • Share a story on social media about why your hope flies
  • Participate in the Foundation Fund-A-Need with our Hope Flies Catch the Cure Event
  • Calculate and share your “Firefly Number” by totaling the number of people you know with mitochondrial disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, ALS and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Join the Foundation for the Hope Flies Catch the Cure gala on Friday, September 23 and share pictures on social media; tag your posts with #hopeflies
  • Listen to STAR 94 for radio spots mentioning the awareness week

Your participation will help make this year’s Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week a huge success and help raise critical funds needed for mitochondrial disease research. Make plans now to help share messages of hope and awareness starting September 18!



Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Calendar of Activities:

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