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Shannon’s Gift – A Story of Love, Loss and Recovery

Shannon’s Gift – A Memoir and Look at Mitochondrial Disease by Nate Bennett

Shannon's Gift Book CoverIn his soon-to-be released memoir, Shannon’s Gift, Nate Bennett shares the blog he maintained to work though the sudden loss of his wife due to complications of mitochondrial disease. He is surprised and comforted to discover a vast virtual community of support. His blog posts – alternately poignant and of dry wit – eventually attracted tens of thousands of readers and a following from people around the world that didn’t even know Nate or his wife. The unique book gives the reader a window into the starkness of a widower’s grief in real time and a look at how social media has changed grieving in today’s world. In the end, with the support of his virtual community and the strength he was able to draw from remembering Shannon’s wishes for him, he finds love again.

Shannon’s Gift will be available June 1 at and, and a portion of proceeds from books sales will benefit the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine and research for treatments of mitochondrial disease.

Nate Bennett is a management professor with the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.  Previously, he was a member of the faculty at Georgia Tech (1999-2012) and Louisiana State University (1989-1999).

He is co-author of two management books, “Riding Shotgun: The Role of the COO” and “Your Career Game:  How Game Theory Can Help You Achieve Your Professional Goals.”  Both are published by Stanford University Press.

Nate BennettNate has also published in Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal. Has more than 20 years experience in the design and delivery of executive development programs for companies in a wide range of industries and has an active practice as a consultant on issues related to top management t team performance innovation and change management. Current and past clients include The Coca Cola Company, GEICO, UnitedHealth Group, Lockheed-Martin, GE, St. Jude Medical, McKesson, Rollins, and NCR.

Nate holds a BA in sociology, as well as a MA in Social Research from Tulane University. He earned his Ph.D. in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He resides in Atlanta, GA.

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