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Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine


The Path to a Cure

Many drug trials take years – and treatment advancements happen one small step at a time.

Compounding this challenge is the fact that mitochondrial diseases have many, many causes and will have many, many cures. One cure, one timeline, simply does not exist but with your help we will move forward faster.

New Drug Challenges
  1. High Cost–$100million to $1billion
  2. Development takes many years-from 5-10 years
  3. Regulatory Hurdles-clinical, FDA, compliance
  4. External Hurdles-reimbursement, market acceptance

Drug development for mitochondrial disease has only just begun (see light blue area on chart).

The road to successful new drugs and drug therapies is riddled with incredible successes and forgotten failures. Recent studies estimate an average timeline to bring a drug to market is 13 years and $1B. And each new drug leads us to a cure.

75% of the costs of drug development are associated with compounds failing in early stage development. Additionally, 90% of new drugs fail in Phase 2 and 3.

Mitochondrial Medicine Research

For more information on The Path to a Cure download the Roadmap.

The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine’s Bypass To Treatment Oriented Research

For the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine there is one barometer of our success: supporting and accelerating the development of the most promising mitochondrial research and treatments of the many, many forms of mitochondrial disease and disorders. We’ve developed a targeted approach through these three key strategic initiatives that helps us identify and prioritize the patient-relevant science that will allow us to reach our goal.

Our short-term goal is to raise money to push mitochondrial medicine research forward. At this point there has only been one FDA approved mitochondrial disease drug trial that has reached Phase 1. The more resources we have, the more we can augment the path to the cure including an increase in clinical drug trials. The Foundation’s bypass fuels connections, encourages scientific collaboration, and will bring forth people, ideas and partnerships to set the wheels in motion to develop treatments, sooner and quicker than ever before.

Mitochondrial Medicine Research

Promising Research – Mitochondrial DiseaseThe Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine is dedicated to supporting the most promising treatments for the many forms of mitochondrial disease.

We support treatment based research, Institutional Review Board IRB-approved and/or FDA-approved studies. In addition to functional MRI brain studies on cognitive fatigue, our grants are allowing new drug compounds to be tested, eventually leading to full clinical drug trials.

One cure, one timeline, simply does not exist but with your help we will move forward faster.

Examples of FMM Research Grants:

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