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Help us fund the cure for mitochondrial disease, and host a Hope Flies™ event in your area. Below are just a few ideas and examples of different Hope Flies™ events. Please contact us for additional ideas and for more information. FMM will provide collateral and some operational support for your event.

Hope Flies™ 5K or 10K “Run for a Purpose” Athlete Benefit Program for Mitochondrial Medicine

Participating in a Hope Flies™ 5K or 10K on behalf of the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM) is a great way to bring people together from different age groups, communities and backgrounds. It also is a tremendous way to raise money for mitochondrial research in honor of someone you know who is suffering or a life that has been lost to a mitochondrial disease.

There are two different approaches for the Hope Flies™ “Run for a Purpose” Athlete Benefit Program to raise awareness and funds for FMM.


This option entails gathering volunteers, sponsors (multiple levels), race packets (numbers, map, coupons, etc) and promotions. There are many details to conquer, but if done efficiently, a benefit race can not only raise awareness for mitochondrial medicine, but raise sizeable contributions for research to combat the multiple diseases that are linked to mitochondrial dysfunctions. FMM can provide you with ideas and ways to set up a race in your hometown.


At the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM), we encourage and support family members, friends and community members to run or walk a 5K or 10K in memory or honor of a patient with mitochondrial disease. This is a very easy program to set up and can be implemented in just a few short weeks.

Step 1: First, you need to determine who you will be running in honor or memory of. If you don’t have a personal connection with FMM we are happy to share stories of many children, teens and adults who battle this disease every day and who would be honored for your help. Their story will help you focus your fundraising efforts and stay motivated on your training program.

Step 2: Next, determine what race or training program that you’d like to run, walk or participate in on behalf of FMM. (We can help you identify programs in your area.)

Step 3: Set a goal for fundraising. The minimum we’d like to encourage is $900. It will be up to you to ask for a flat fee support or a pledge per mile or steps. FMM will provide you a personal fundraising website and provide templates for marketing materials for you to send out to invite friends, family and co-workers to support your initiative. A barometer will be prominent on your personal website that tracks your fundraising progress against your goal to keep you focused and motivated as you train. Posters, press release templates and t-shirts can be made to share with your donors or sponsors at various levels. Please contact us at to get started!

Benefit “Fun(d)-raising” Nights

Fundraisers and “Shop and Shares” at local restaurants and boutiques are easy ways to raise funds and awareness for mitochondrial disease and research. By contacting local restaurants, you can find out if they support community fundraising nights. It doesn’t cost anything to partner with a local restaurant that supports and hosts community fundraisers, and you get a portion of the sales during the time frame that your event takes place. The trick is promoting the dinner event by telling your friends, families, social media promotion and maybe even getting community leaders on board. You could even call a local publication, radio station or television station, and see if they could run a story or add the event to their community events calendar.

“Change for Mitochondrial Disease Challenge”

This challenge is designed for middle and high schools, but can be modified for other groups. The goal is to raise money and to provide friendly competition between grade levels. There are also incentives for the grade that raises the most money.

Rules: For a high school set-up, you would have four buckets – one per grade (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors). For the course of a month, or whatever the designated time period you design, each grade would have the opportunity to raise money for mitochondrial research with their grade level. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and bills ($1s, $5s, $10s, etc.) may be used to add to your grade’s amount or detract from your competitors’ amounts. Pennies are “negatives” for your competitors’ jars. At the end of the challenge, the total number of pennies in each jar will be “detracted”. The idea is for each grade level to raise as much money as possible, and have some friendly competition in the process. By allowing each grade to “detract” from their competitors, they are essentially adding money to the campaign, but keeping the other grades on their toes. After the pennies have been “detracted”, the grade level that raises the most money wins!

In order to enhance this challenge, a kick-off event to explain the challenge and encourage student participation is vital. Also, a wrap-up/countdown rally will encourage a final push to raise as much money for this cause as possible. During the countdown rally, grade levels can challenge their competitors up until the last second of the challenge!

Additional Fundraising Opportunities

The possibilities for Hope Flies events are endless, and we encourage you to organize your own Hope Flies benefits in support of the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine.

  • Lemonade Sales
  • Garage Sales

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