Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine


Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine

Tree of Hope – Memorial/Tribute Pages

Acknowledge a special friend or family member with a donation and help light our Tree of Hope.

Mitochondrial disease can look like any number of better known diseases, including: Autism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, muscular dystrophy and chronic fatigue, among others.

The unifying thread of mitochondria gives hope for collective answers and treatments for millions of people.


 Many thanks to those who donated to honor the following loved ones:

The Allen Avant Family

The Belnap Family

Jason Bradley

The Robert Bugess Family

Rita Carter

John Conley

Joan Daly

Russell Davis

Ellie Green

Marilyn Glidden

David Harris

Fannie Bradley Hinson

Audrey Howe

Hannah Howe

Katherine Kardian

Madelyn and Cara Lacey

Kylie LaFlamme

Kerissa Lee

Dennis McDaniel

Grace Martin

Curry May

The Mulchay Family

Karen Nelson

Drew Norton

Margaret and John Robinson

Vincent Francis Rossetti

Vincent Michael Rossetti

Michael Salt

Abby Sauerhoefer

Sebastien Setin

Morgan and David Smith

Laura Stanley

Phyllis Stanley

Mike Stech

Tommy and Jason Thomas

Andrew Underwood

Alyssa Mary Urich

Lacey Wade

Mason Williams

Lisa, Harold and Mae Wyatt

William Young


Donations made to the Tree of Hope are 100% tax deductible
and will directly support our partnering programs
for mitochondrial disease research and treatments.  


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