Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine


Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine

2017 Southeast Symposium for Families & Clinicians

Understanding Mitochondrial Disease and Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Opportunities and Impacts in the Clinic and in the Laboratory

fmm-umdf-symposium-bannerThe United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) and Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM) are joining forces Spring 2017 to bring an exciting and broad educational education symposium to the Southeast Region. UMDF and FMM are both dedicated to quality mitochondrialdisease education for the medical and patient communities and supporting research advancements to find better treatments and cures for mitochondrial disease

Symposium Overview

The symposium program will focus on mitochondrial disease and mitochondrial dysfunction, which is at the root of diseases and conditions that affect the young and old in ways that can range from subtle to devastating, and is even responsible for the aging process itself. The program will offer a full day CME activity on Friday and a half day of sessions for patients/families on the following Saturday. Both groups will come together for a Friday night reception to encourage networking and exchange of information – more details to come.

A feature component of the 2017 Southeast Regional program will include a glance at cutting-edge research developments in bioenergetics, coming out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Mitochondrial Medicine Laboratory, in conjunction with Seahorse Bioscience. (“About the 2017 Mitochondrial Medicine Southeast Regional Symposium,”



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