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Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine

ANAVEX 2-73 linking mitochondrial functionality to Alzheimer’s

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (“Anavex”) announces promising new data.

A press release from March 12, 2013 from PR Newswire via COMTEX announced promising data for the company’s lead drug candidate for Alzheimer’s disease.  The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine has always been focused on fueling connections between mitochondrial disease and other related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Fueling Connections

Mitochondrial dysfunction has been consistently reported as an early cause of Alzheimer’s disease and the treatment and cure for Alzheimer’s disease may be very connected to the cure for mitochondrial disease.

In a scientific study conducted in France at the University of Montpellier and INSERM, ANAVEX 2-73 demonstrated disease-modifying effects, including the ability to repair normal mitochondrial functionality in the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved with learning, memory and emotions.

Full Details of the Research

Mitochondrial protection in mouse hippocampus against Aß25-35 toxicity is induced by the novel tetrahydrofuran derivative ANAVEX2-73, a mixed σ1 receptor and cholinergic agonist. (PDF of study on Anavex’s website).

Learn more about Alzheimer’s connection to mitochondrial disease.

Read the press release from Anavex.


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