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Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine

An Idea

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Right before I closed my eyes last night, my vision split in two—with my prism glasses on. The words on my cell phone spread apart and my heart sank. When I last saw the eye specialist, she told me that prism prescriptions higher than the one I wear tend to distort the view. Thus, I would need to wear an eye patch if things got worse.

So here I sit with an eye patch on, hoping my eyes are just extra tired.

I haven’t told my husband yet. Don’t really want to talk about it. Don’t want it to be real.

Ironically, it’s not so much the symptom as the vast unknowns I continue to face that unnerve me this morning. And I’m not alone in that struggle. In fact, there are many who face medical uncertainty while battling cellular level dysfunction—dysfunction that creates a vast array of symptoms, meaning none of us look the same.

Yet, here we are. Banded together in our uniqueness, playing doctor and patient at the same time.

As we plug along, we raise money, awareness, and attempt to educate friends and family as to what this diagnosis means—especially with Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week approaching next month.

And to that end I have an idea.

I’ve written words to the familiar tune, YMCA. And it’s my hope to find a few friend groups who will sing it with me—with motions—so I can upload a new video every day during mito week, September 16 – 22, 2018.

I’ll post the words and a short video so you can hear how it goes. Many of you have a vast support group. So, tag those friends. Challenge them to make their own video and to give to the mitochondrial disease foundation of their choice.

While I don’t like my new symptoms, what really keeps me involved in this fight is the brave little kids who suffer greatly with this disease. If my discomfort can help bring them a voice, then I’ll have accomplished something worthwhile with my limp along life.

Will you join me?

M – I – T – O

We need some energy

M – I – T – O

Though they* may look fine

On the inside

Their cells are in constant decline

We need some energy

M – I – T – O

How bout’ some synergy?

M – I – T – O

Won’t you give us a hand?

Give all that you can?

Cause we want the world to know

We need a cure for

M – I – T – O

*feel free to substitute “they” for I, she, or he.

Also, don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the Hope Flies benefit. Help us fund a cure and change a child’s world. Click below to purchase your tickets or to make a donation:

Hope Flies Catch the Cure

About the Author: Susan Schreer Davis lives with her husband, their cat named, Eggs, and the challenging effects of mitochondrialdisease. Learn more about Susan, her latest book and many songs at:


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