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Adventures with Charlie: Charlie Goes to Tommy’s Barber Shop

All Proceeds from Adventures with Charlie: Charlie Goes to Tommy’s Benefits the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine and Adaptive Learning Center

Adventures with Charlie

The Adventures with Charlie book series is a children’s picture book about an inspirational boy who is not like everyone else. He is special. He magically makes friends everywhere he goes. Children need to have a story that illustrates the idea that “being different from typical peers” can have some special rewards. Parents can read a book to see the joy and special opportunities out there for families and children with special needs. In the midst of difficult challenges with raising all types of children, there are always opportunities to approach life from a different perspective which can provide joy and delight for many.

This book series about Charlie is for children and parents to recognize that even with some physical and or mental challenges, there are a lot of things you CAN do and can still pursue a beautiful life.

About Charlie:
When Charlie was born, he was brought home with all the hopes and dreams that many parents have for their children. At 4 months, Charlie wasn’t meeting any of his developmental milestones. He received a diagnosis that included long term special needs, and information that he might never walk or talk. The hopes and dreams set for Charlie were temporarily shattered, as the focus was on what he could not do. Watching Charlie grow and seeing all the things he was learning and could do shifted that realization to focus on all his abilities!

Charles Schoen, author of Adventures with Charlie and Executive Director of the Adaptive Learning Center (ALC) in Atlanta Georgia, is Charlie’s father. Charlie Schoen is a graduate of Centennial High School and the ALC program.

About Tommy:
Thomas “Tommy’s” Barber Shop is a small business rooted in all-things Atlanta, serving Coca-Cola executives, captains of industry, professional athletes and politicians amongst local residents for 55 years. Tommy’s shop celebrates and preserves the rich and rooted history of the city. The shop’s classic barbershop feel and hometown pride create a unique atmosphere that has compelled customers to choose Tommy’s time and time again not only for a great haircut, but also for a unique and celebratory social experience.

Tommy’s son, Jason Thomas, is living with mitochondrial disease.  Jason Thomas, 41, is a husband and father of three who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in 2011.

The proceeds from this book go to fund scholarships for children in the ALC program and research for Mitochondrial Disease and Dysfunction.

About the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine: 
The Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine (FMM) 501c3 was created to support and accelerate the development of the most promising mitochondrial disease research and treatments of the many forms of mitochondrial disease. From functional brain MRI studies on cognitive fatigue to testing of new drug compounds, including the first FDA-approved drug treatments that began in early 2010, FMM focuses on supporting Institutional Review Board (IRB) or FDA approved studies.

About the Adaptive Learning Center:
ALC is a nonprofit serving children with special needs Through partnering preschool classrooms throughout the city of Atlanta. The program provides a trained inclusion specialist to support children’s additional needs when presented with developmental challenges.

Come Meet Charlie and Tommy on Tuesday, October 20th
at Tommy’s Barber Shop!

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Book one in the series, Adventures with Charlie: Charlie Goes to School can be purchased now on Amazon.  Charlie Goes to Tommy’s is available to order by contacting or picking up your copy
at Tommy’s Barber Shop in Atlanta, GA.

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