Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine



A cure for mitochondrial disease could impact cures for Autism, Alzheimer's, Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinson's.


Hope Flies Mile Climb for Mito – Join the Movement!

Welcome to Hope Flies® Mile Climb for Mito. Be a part of this impactful event honoring the spirit, hope and drive of the mitochondrial disease community. Join John's Creek fire department member and FMM volunteer Kato as he leads family, friends and supporters up Stone Mountain in a climb for hope. Kato and his friends have taken on an extra challenge to climb Stone Mountain in full gear to honor the Kato's daughter, and all those who those who have bravely faced mitochondrial disease.
Be a part of this special and inspiring day. Hope will be climbing up Stone Mountain this October.

Our Mission and Priorities

Simply put, our purpose is to support the development of the most promising research and treatments of the many, many forms of mitochondrial disease. Your donation means momentum to accelerate entry into the clinical trial phases, which will in turn propel mitochondrial disease research faster toward the cures. get involved now

Funding the cures

We focus on accelerating the development of the most viable treatments and therapies

Fueling Connections

Every day we’re learning how a cure could impact more well known diseases

Leading the way

from functional brain MRI studies to testing of new drug compounds

Hope Flies® Signature Events

Dedicated to celebrating hope and raising funds and awareness

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